I get a V mag of 14.7. Small galaxy but obvious supernova.

“2022aaiq (= 2022acsj) (= ZTF22abvmgtl), TNS discovered 2022/11/15.057 by Patrick Wiggins
Found in NGC 5631 at R.A. = 14h26m32s.000, Decl. = +56°35’10”.00
Located 10″.7 west and 12″.5 north of the center of NGC 5631 ”

Object ID2022aiqq in NGC 5631
Details2022-12-21 00:03 UT
Telescope250mm f4.8 Newtonian, MPCC
CameraAtik 460EX @-10°C
FiltersBaader V
ProcessingAPP, Photoshop, ASTAP