Sunspot group

Sunspot developing over several days

Object ID Sunspot AR2738
Details 2019-04-13, 2019-04-18, 2019-04-20
Telescope 203mm RC8@f8, Baader solar film filter
Camera ZWO ASI290MC
Exposure(s) 120s AVIs, 20% frames
Capture Firecapture
Processing AutoStakkert, Photoshop
6 May 2019|News, Sun|

Sunspots 2018-06-13

The Sun has been very featurless for a while now but this just beginning to appear round the limb.

Poor seeing but testing out the new ZWO ASI 290MC. Getting a frame rate of almost 100 fps. Heavy processing required to get anything out of the turbulence. No matter how fast the frame rate, or how sensitive the camera, if the seeing is bad you still won’t get much.

Object ID Sunspots
Details 2018-06-13 09:58:05 UT
Poor seeing: I-II (I-V)
Telescope 180mm Mak-Cass at f15
Baader solar film – gives blue colour
Camera ZWO ASI 290MC
Exposure(s) 60s video at 97 fps ROI 800×500
Capture FireCapture
Processing Photoshop CC
13 June 2018|News, Sun|