Moon features 2021-01-22

By |23 January 2021|Moon, News|

Several areas taken during daytime.

Object IDMoon
Clavius sunrise
Ptolemaeus, Alphonsus, Arzachel, Albategnius
Copernicus, Eratosthenes
Plato, Alpine Valley
Details2020-01-22 14:00+UT
65.9% illuminated, 9.38 days
Telescope250mm f4.8 Newtonian
CameraZWO ASI290MC
Exposure(s)120fps 90s .ser videos
ProcessingAutoStakkert 3, Registax, Photoshop

Maria Crisium & Nectaris, Theophilus, Cyrillus, Catharina Infrared

By |29 March 2020|Moon, News|

Two daytime infrared imaging sets

Object IDMaria Crisium & Nectaris, Theophilus, Cyrillus, Catharina Infrared
Telescope250mm f4.8 OO Newtonian
CameraZWO ASI 290MC
ZWO Infrared filter
Exposure(s)30s AVI @47fps 1024×768
Processing10% frames stacked in Autostakkert
Final process in Photoshop

97.8% Moon – Copernicus, Kepler, Aristarchus and Sinus Iridium

By |23 November 2018|Moon, News|

Not much imaging recently because of terrible weather. This was the only chance and the seeing was incredibly bad after a rain storm. The Maria were undulating so much they looked like there really was water in them. Still got something though.

Object ID97.8% Moon, lunation 14.25 days
Copernicus, Kepler, Aristarchus and Sinus Iridium
Details2018-11-21 22:03 UT, seeing I/V
Drifting clouds
Telescope250mm f5 Newtonian
CameraZWO ASI290MC, UV/IR filter
Exposure(s)90s SER file, 30% frames
ProcessingAutoStakkert, Photoshop

Lunar Mosaic in infrared 11.06 days

By |25 June 2018|Moon, News|

That annoying moment when you realise you’ve missed a tiny bit from the mosaic. Always better to overlap the frames more for safety. I though I was!

Object IDLunar mosaic 7 frames
Details2018-06-24 21:07 – 21:16 UT
Low down and seeing II (I-V)
Telescope200mm f5 Newtonian
CameraZWO ASI290MC
ZWO Infrared pass filter
Exposure(s)7 x 60s AVIs, 20% stack
ProcessingAutoStakkert, Photoshop

Infrared Lunar mosaic

By |19 June 2018|Moon, News|

Put the 200P back on the mount to use with ZWO camera. Seems like a good combination – I’d forgotten what a nice telescope it is. I didn’t plan to do a full mosaic but didn’t realise just how close I was.

Object ID7 frame incomplete lunar mosaic
5.12 days 33.6% illumination
Details2018-06-18 20:24 – 20:41 UT
Poor seeing (over neighbour’s chimney smoke) and gusty conditions which shook the telescope occasionally.
Telescope200mm f5 Newtonian
CameraZWO ASI 290MC
ZWO infrared pass filter
Exposure(s)7 x 60s AVI @ 20fps
ProcessingAutoStakkert, Photoshop