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NGC 436 Cassiopeia

No real reason for doing this, just a nice open cluster in Cassiopeia and thought I’d do some photometry on some of the cluster stars using ASTAP, which I did.  I chose a Be star (2MASS J01154089+5849021 / Cl* NGC 436 BOD 54) but nothing revealed on that, or any of the other stars I chose. But then again it would have been lucky!

Object IDNGC 436
Details2023-02-22  22:15 UT
Telescope250mm f4.8 Newtonian
CameraAtik 460EX @-10°C
FiltersV photometric
Exposure(s)20 x 180s
ProcessingAPP, Photoshop, ASTAP
23 February 2023|News, NGC Autumn, Open Cluster|

Collinder 26 – the heart of the Heart Nebula

Ha view of this interesting star forming region at the heart of the Heart Nebula. Various designations for the open cluster including Melotte 15 and IC 1805. The emissions from the Heart Nebula are driven by radiation from the young stars in this cluster.

Object IDCollinder 26
IC 1805
Melotte 15
Telescope250mm f4.8 Newtonian
CameraAtik 460EX @-10°C
FiltersBaader Ha
Exposure(s)20 x 300s
ProcessingAPP, Photoshop
27 September 2022|Nebula, News, NGC Autumn, Open Cluster|