V1117 Her

2022-07-22T10:19:37+00:0029 May 2022|News, Variable Star, YSO|

Taking part in the AAVSO campaign on V1117 Her: Alert Notice 771: V1117 Her in deep fade again. Comparisons marked in the main image.

The fade seems to be past but as well as long term variations it seems to be a star with short-term variations over periods of a few hours. An “…anomalous YSO (possibly debris-disc object)”.

Object IDV1117 Her
DetailsYSO (Young Stellar Object)
Range approx: 12.3 – 13.9
Coordinates (2000): RA 16 39 06.43 Dec. +09 47 55.3
Telescope250mm f4.8 Newtonian
CameraAtik 460EX @-10°C
FiltersJohnson V
Exposure(s)5 x 60s
d f b

“The anomalous YSO (possibly debris-disc object) V1117 Herculis is at a deep minimum of visual magnitude 15.1 as of 2022 March 9.45 UT, from observations by AAVSO member John Pickett. Observations, in a variety of filters – visual observations included of course – are requested to see what happens next. Deep minima of this object have tended to occur at semi-regular intervals of about 400 days but the last comparable minimum drawn from the AAVSO light curve was only about 100 days ago, so this may indicate new processes are taking place in the circumstellar environment.”

“Observations in the B and I bands are especially welcome. V band photometry is encouraged, and visual observations are welcome. Observations two-three times per night are requested (and once per night between episodes of activity).”