The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) published this list of The Finest N.G.C. Objects, compiled by Alan Dyer. It is arranged sorted by seasons and constellations.

17009AqrPN8.325″!! Saturn Nebula; small bright oval
27293AqrPN6.512’50”!! Helix Nebula; large, diffuse; use filter
37331PegG-Sb9.510.7×4.0!! large, bright spiral galaxy
47635CasEN15×8Bubble Neb.; very faint; 1/2 deg SW of M52
57789CasOC6.716!! 300*; faint but very rich cluster
6185CasG-E011.72×2companion to M31; paired with NGC 147
7281CasEN35×30!! large faint nebulosity near eta Cas
8457CasOC6.41380*; rich; one of the best Cas clusters
9663CasOC7.11680*; look for NGC’s 654 and 659 nearby
10289CasPN12.334″dim oval smudge; use nebula filter
117662AndPN9.220″!! Blue Snowball; annular at high power
12891AndG-Sb1013.5×2.8!! faint, classic edge-on with dust lane
13253SclG-Scp7.125.1×7.4!! very large and bright but at low altitude
14772AriG-Sb10.37.1×4.5diffuse spiral galaxy
15246CetPN83’45”faint (closer to 11 m); dark mottling
16936CetG-SBa10.15.2×4.4near M77; NGC 941 in the same field
17869/84PerOC~4.430/30!! Double Cluster; 350*; use low mag.
181023PerG-E7p9.58.7×4.3bright lens-shaped galaxy near M34
191491PerEN3.0×3.0small fairly faint emission nebula
201501CamPN1252″faint; dark center; look for NGC 1502
211232EriG-Sc9.97.8×6.9face-on spiral; look for NGC 1300 nearby
221535EriPN10.418″bright planetary with blue-grey disk
231514TauPN0.81’54”faint glow around 9.4 mag central star
241931AurE/RN3.0×3.0haze surrounding 4 close stars
251788OriRN8.0×5.0fairly bright but diffuse reflection nebula
261973+OriE/RN40×25near M42 and M43; often neglected
272022OriPN12.418″small, faint & distinct with annular form
282024OriEN30×30bright but masked by glow from Zeta Ori
292194OriOC8.51080*, fairly rich; look for 2169 nearby
302371/2GemPN1355″faint double-lobed planetary; use filter
312392GemPN8.313″!! Clown Face or Eskimo Nebula
322237+MonEN80×60!! Rosette Neb.; very large; use neb. filter
332261MonE/RNvar2×1Hubble’s Variable Nebula; comet-shaped
342359CMaEN8.0×6.0bright; look for NGC 2360 & 2362 nearby
352440PupPN10.314″almost starlike; irregular at high power
362539PupOC6.52250*; rich cluster; near M46 and M47
372403CamG-Sc8.47.8×11.0!! very large & bright; visible in binocs.
382655CamG-Sa10.15.1×4.4bright ellipse with starlike nucleus
392683LynG-Sb9.79.3×2.5nearly edge-on spiral; very bright
402841UMaG-Sb9.38.1×3.8!! classic elongated spiral; very bright
413079UMaG-Sb10.67.6×1.7edge-on spiral; NGC 2950 nearby
423184UMaG-Sc9.76.9×6.8large, diffuse face-on spiral
433877UMaG-Sb10.95.4×1.5edge-on; same field as chi UMa
443941UMaG-E39.83.8×2.5small bright elliptical
454026UMaG-S010.75.1×1.4lense-shaped edge-on near gamma UMa
464088UMaG-Sc10.55.8×2.5nearly edge-on; NGC 4085 in same field
474157UMaG-Sb11.96.9×1.7a thin sliver; NGCs 4026 & 4088 nearby
484605UMaG-SBcp9.65.5×2.3bright distinct edge-on spiral
493115SexG-E69.28.3×3.2Spindle Galaxy; bright and elongated
503242HyaPN8.616″!! Ghost of Jupiter; small but bright
513003LMiG-Sc11.75.9×1.7faint elongated streak
523344LMiG-Sc9.96.9×6.5diffuse face-on spiral
533432LMiG-SBm11.36.2×1.5nearly edge-on; faint flat streak
542903LeoG-Sb8.912.6×6.6 !! verly large, bright elongated spiral
553384LeoG-E79.95.9×2.6same field as M105 and NGC 3389
563521LeoG-Sb8.79.5×5.0very large, bright spiral
573607LeoG-E1103.7×3.2NGCs 3605 & 3608 in same field
583628LeoG-Sb9.514.8×3.6large edge-on; same field as M65 and M66
594111CVnG-S010.84.8×1.1bright lens-shaped edge-on spiral
604214CVnG-Irr9.77.9×6.3large irregular galaxy
614244CVnG-S10.216.2×2.5!! large distinct edge-on spiral
624449CVnG-Irr9.45.1×3.7bright rectangular shape
634490CVnG-Sc9.85.9×3.1bright spiral; 4485 (Cocoon gal.) in field
644631CVnG-Sc9.315.1×3.3!! large edge-on; look for companion 4627
654656/7CVnG-Sc10.413.8×3.3in field with 4631; NE end curves up
665005CVnG-Sb9.85.4×2.7bright elongated spiral near alpha CVn
675033CVnG-Sb10.110.5×5.6large bright spiral near NGC 5005
684274ComG-Sb10.46.9×2.8NGCs 4278/83/86 in same field
694414ComG-Sc10.23.6×2.2bright spiral with starlike nucleus
704494ComG-E19.84.8×3.8small bright elliptical
714559ComG-Sc9.810.5×4.9large spiral with coarse structure
724565ComG-Sb9.616.2×2.8!! superb edge-on spiral with dust lane
734725ComG-Sb9.211.0×7.9very bright, large spiral
744038/9CrvG-Sc10.7~3×2`Antennae’ or `Rattail’ interacting galaxies
754361CrvPN10.345″small and bright; with 13-mag central star
764216VirG-Sb9.98.3×2.2nearly edge-on; with NGCs 4206 & 4222
774388VirG-Sb115.1×1.4with M84 and M86 in Markarian’s Chain
784438VirG-Sap10.19.3×3.9paired with NGC 4435 to form the “Eyes”
794517VirG-Sc10.510.2×1.9faint edge-on spiral
804526VirG-E79.67.6×2.3between two 7-mag stars; the “Lost Galaxy”
814535VirG-Sc9.86.8×5.0near M49 and 3/4 deg N of NGC 4526
824567/8VirG-Sc114.6×2.1“Siamese Twins” interacting galaxies
834699VirG-Sa9.63.5×2.7small & bright; look for NGC 4697 3 deg N
844762VirG-SB010.28.7×1.6flattest galaxy known; 4754 in same field
855746VirG-Sb10.67.9×1.7fine edge-on near 109 Virginis
865466BooGC9.111loose class XII; like rich open cl.; faint
875907DraG-Sb10.412.3×1.8!! fine edge-on with dust lane; near 5866
886503DraG-Sb10.26.2×2.3bright elongated spiral
896543DraPN8.818″Cat’s Eye Nebula; with 11 mag central star
906210HerPN9.314″very starlike blue planetary
916369OphPN10.430″Little Ghost; look for NGC 6309 nearby
926572OphPN98″tiny bright blue oval
936633OphOC4.627sparse wide field cluster; IC 4756 nearby
946712SctGC8.27.2small globular; look for IC 1295 in field
956781AqlPN11.81’49”pale version of M97
966819CygOC7.35150*; faint but rich cluster in Milky Way
976826CygPN9.830″!! Blinking Planetary; 10.4-mag central star
986888CygSNR?20×10Crescent Nebula; faint; use nebula filter
99a6960CygSNR70×6!! Veil Nebula: west half; use filter !
99b6992/5CygSNR78×8!! Veil Nebula: east half; use filter !
1007000CygEN120×100!! North America N; use filter & low mag.
1017027CygPN?10.415″unusual protoplanetary nebula
1026445SgrPN11.834″small, bright and annular; near M23
1036520SgrOC8.1660*; small; dark neb. B86 in same field
1046818SgrPN9.917″Little Gem; annular; NGC 6822 0.75 deg S
1056802VulOC8.83.2at east end of Brocchi’s cluster Cr 399
1066940VulOC6.33160*; fairly rich cluster in Milky Way
1076939CepOC7.8880*; very rich;
1086946CepG-Sc8.911.0×9.8faint, diffuse face-on spiral near 6939
1097129CepRN8×7faint reflection neb. around several stars
11040CepPN10.237″unusual red planetary; 11.6 mag central star