Amateur Astronomy from Edinburgh

This website is a place where I can post my images purely for the fun of it. You can find more information about the equipment I use on the About/Equipment page. Some of my best images are on display on the Showcase page.

To give me something to aim for, I have set up pages to get as many Messier and Lunar 100 objects as I can. The Deep Sky page is for objects not in Messier’s catalogue and includes some more recent lists such as the Caldwell and Finest NGC catalogues.

Light pollution is a serious problem for amateur astronomy here on the edge of Edinburgh, Scotland, so this is a battle of photons vs sodium! Please come back and visit as the site develops, I make lots of mistakes, the weather gets worse and the skies get brighter.

Recent posts

29P 2024-03-29

31 March 2024|Comet, News|

Down to 15.7 R now. Diffuse non-circular coma.

OBSERVER: Mark Phillips
CONTACT: Forthimage Observatory
TELESCOPE: 0.25m f4.8 Newtonian
EXPOSURE JD: Mid-exposure, not corrected for light time
JD mag Flt SNR ZeroPt Cat Design.
2460399.47826 15.742 R R 12.13 24.430 UCAC4 0029P
—– end —–

Object IDComet 29P

29P Outburst discovery 2024-03-24

25 March 2024|ASERO, Comet, News|

Discovered using the ASERO/Murrell. I was taking 5x60s stacks and using Astrometrica to measure and quickly noticed that 29P was getting much easier to see with a better SNR. Had originally planned to take several such sets separated by 1 hour but events overtook this plan.

4 sets of 5x60s stacks
JD mag Flt SNR ZeroPt Cat […]

EdinburghW Station report 2023

15 February 2024|Meteorcam, News|

During this period, 9319 single station detections were collected by cameras in EdinburghW. including 7439 sporadics. 2800 of the detections matched with other stations. Orbit and trajectory solutions were calculated for these matches. The brighest up to ten confirmed matches are shown below.