atik_460ex_ccd_cameraThis is for my benefit so that I don’t forget how to process LRGB. Added a new Techniques menu item at top just in case it’s any use for anyone else.

Got a new ATIK 460EX and SX Filter wheel with LRGB and Ha.

In Neublosity 3:

  1. Pre-process with Bad Pixel Map and Flats LRGB
  2. Batch Align – Save each file- L R G B
  3. Batch resize R G B to 1.5 (for L 2×2/RGB 3×3)
  4. Batch align – just save files R G B
  5. Image – RGB Colour Synthesis – just resized and aligned R G B
  6. starlight_xpress_motorised_filter_wheelBatch align L and RGB – just save files
  7. Convert the 2 files to TIFF

In Photoshop CC:

  1. Open RGB file
  2. Enhance levels and curves
  3. Add L as layer on top of RGB
  4. Process L layer levels and curves
  5. Set blend mode to Luminosity
  6. Flatten and final process.