97.8% Moon – Copernicus, Kepler, Aristarchus and Sinus Iridium

By |23 November 2018|Moon, News|

Not much imaging recently because of terrible weather. This was the only chance and the seeing was incredibly bad after a rain storm. The Maria were undulating so much they looked like there really was water in them. Still got something though.

Object ID97.8% Moon, lunation 14.25 days
Copernicus, Kepler, Aristarchus and Sinus Iridium
Details2018-11-21 22:03 UT, seeing I/V
Drifting clouds
Telescope250mm f5 Newtonian
CameraZWO ASI290MC, UV/IR filter
Exposure(s)90s SER file, 30% frames
ProcessingAutoStakkert, Photoshop

Lunar Mosaic in infrared 11.06 days

By |25 June 2018|Moon, News|

That annoying moment when you realise you’ve missed a tiny bit from the mosaic. Always better to overlap the frames more for safety. I though I was!

Object IDLunar mosaic 7 frames
Details2018-06-24 21:07 – 21:16 UT
Low down and seeing II (I-V)
Telescope200mm f5 Newtonian
CameraZWO ASI290MC
ZWO Infrared pass filter
Exposure(s)7 x 60s AVIs, 20% stack
ProcessingAutoStakkert, Photoshop

Infrared Lunar mosaic

By |19 June 2018|Moon, News|

Put the 200P back on the mount to use with ZWO camera. Seems like a good combination – I’d forgotten what a nice telescope it is. I didn’t plan to do a full mosaic but didn’t realise just how close I was.

Object ID7 frame incomplete lunar mosaic
5.12 days 33.6% illumination
Details2018-06-18 20:24 – 20:41 UT
Poor seeing (over neighbour’s chimney smoke) and gusty conditions which shook the telescope occasionally.
Telescope200mm f5 Newtonian
CameraZWO ASI 290MC
ZWO infrared pass filter
Exposure(s)7 x 60s AVI @ 20fps
ProcessingAutoStakkert, Photoshop

Three Moon shots

By |9 May 2018|Moon, News|

Various Moon shots over the past few months. With my equipment dismantled for the observatory rebuild, this all I can do for now. Still fun though.

Object IDMoon
Details3,26 days, 4.76 days, 8.35 days
TelescopeC80ED at f7.5
CameraCanon EOS 600D
Exposure(s)1/60s, 1/250s, 1/200s
CaptureIn camera
ProcessingProcess in Lightroom

Copernicus Infrared and X2

By |30 September 2017|Moon, News|

Skymax 180 7″ Maksutov-Cass at f15 and f30 (x2 barlow)
Imaging Source DBK 4x60s AVI 60fps  for f30, 1x60s for f15
ZWO 850 IR pass filter
Captured with FireCapture
Processed in AutoStakkert, Photoshop CC and PIPP for f15
19:46 UT Seeing: I-II
10.59 days

Seeing was far too poor and altitude too low for high res imaging. Nothing achieved at f30.