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Data from UKMON

Mark McIntyre of UKMON says on the GMN forum:

Bright visual mag -5.9 fireball over Scotland last night. Abs mag at least -9. Asteroidal in origin, travelled about 50km over NE Scotland between Aviemore and Dufftown.

Unfortunately going too fast I think – entry velocity 24 km/s, slowed down to ~15km/s before disintegrating at ~35km, so not much chance of ground debris which anyway would probably have gone into the sea north of Elgin.

We are getting a lot more coverage of Scotland now, several cameras onboarded in the last few months and more to come.

Those are mostly ASE cameras that we’ve been adding. At an abs mag of almost -9, that’s brighter than the brightest from 2022, caught by my UK006E during the Perseids at -6.77.