2022hrs (= ATLAS22mip), TNS discovered 2022/04/16.619 by Koichi Itagaki
Found in NGC 4647 at R.A. = 12h43m34s.350, Decl. = +11°34’36”.00
Located 30″.0 east and 18″.7 south of the center of NGC 4647
Galaxy is about mag. 12.5, supernova about mag. 14.1 R  using photometry with ASTAP.

Object IDSupernova 2022hrs
Details2022-04-18 23:20 UT
Telescope250mm f4.8 Newtonian
R filter
CameraAtik 460EX @-10 °C
Exposure(s)3 x 180s
ProcessingPhotoshop, ASTAP

Here’s the light curve from the BAA VSS database, including some of my observations (the very first red point – bottom left – is mine, as are some of the V CCD measurements).