Been on my list to detect exoplanets for ages and finally got around to doing it. The data is messy and needs to be improved but it does fit the transit. Target star is over-saturated so never going to be good.

Top line shows curve before detrending – probably due to airmass changes. Quite serious clarity variations during session.

Object IDQatar-1 b
2019-12-13 18:56:34 – 20:54:59 UT
RA (J2000): 20 13 32, DE (J2000): +65 09 43 ,
V = 12.84 mag, dV = 0.0204 mag, duration = 96.7 minutes
Telescope250mm f4.8 Newtonian
CameraAtik 460EX -15C
Exposure(s)58x120s TR 2×2 (probably oversaturated)
darks, flats, bias
ProcessingNebulosity, AstroImageJ
Exoplanet Transit Database

Qatar-1 b transit_FIT_plotter_residuals

JD mid:
HJD mid: (helcor = 0.00041)
Duration: minutes
Depth: mag