Just about everything is wrong with this image: framing, camera alignment, elongated stars, light pollution from car headlights, noise, dead pixels, haze, frost, …

Basically just an ugly image! Nothing has been going right with imaging recently. Software and hardware don’t play nicely, PC crashes, balance is never right, bad guiding, bad weather, optics fog up,… Think I’ll give up! Maybe 😉

Time to take the Newt off and put the RC8 back on.

200mm f5 Newtonian, piggyback guiding C80ED
L 8×300 2×2, RGB 8×240 3×3
BPM, flats
Atik 460EX (-25C), LRGB filters, IDAS P2 LPR filter
Captured in APT, Processed in Nebulosity3, PS CC