NGC 2264
Star forming nebula and Open cluster, Monoceros
Mag 3.9, size 20′
200mm f8 RC at f6 (Revelation x0.75 reducer)
Piggyback guiding with 70mm f/7 refractor
L 5×240s 2×2, RGB 5×120s 4×4 Darks Bias Flats
Atik 460EX (-25C), LRGB filters, IDAS P2 LPR filter
Captured in APT, Processed in Nebulosity3, PS CC, LightRoom

Bad planning in that the object went behind the observatory roof after only 5 sets of exposures. Not great but better than expected though.

Good quality flats make such a huge difference. Much easier to process, especially when using the reducer.