Lots of Mars images clogging up my newsfeed so one image “to rule them all…” to be updated through the apparition.

Dec 01 – Think this is the end of my Mars season. Too small to capture much detail now but it’s been a good one!

Just going to keep updating this throughout the apparition rather than keep putting new images up. Also marked out a few of the more interesting and well known features. I was delighted when I managed to find Olympus Mons although it seems to be brighter this year than in previous apparitions.

Seeing variations make a big difference to detail that can be seen as does my ability to process them. Seeing was much worse later on in the season as Mars receded and got smaller.

General details
250mm f4.8 Newtonian, MPCC
ZWO ASI290MC, IR block
180s SER files, 3 – 50% stacked depending on conditions
100-160 fps
Captured in FireCapture
Processed in AutoStakkert 3, Registax, Photoshop