Another quick cloud gap but very strong winds and some of the worst seeing. Still managing to get something out of it. Must be getting better. Showing some form of cloud where marked by an arrow, possibly the local dust storm. Sent to the BAA and got this back from the Mars Director, so maybe:
“Yes, you caught it. Well done, not many in the uk did. Nuttall, myself and you so far.”

Object IDMars
Details2020-11-17 21:05 UT
CM 176°
Seeing 2/10
Telescope250mm f4.8 Newtonian
x3 Barlow 3600mm fl
CameraZWO ASI 290MC
Exposure(s)120s 139 fps video
20% frames used
ProcessingAutoStakkert 3, Registax 6, PS
Drizzle 1.5x