Orion Nebula, Diffuse Emission Nebula, Orion
Mag 4.0 Size 85’x60′
2012-01-14 First time out in ages. New attempt with modded 350D, MPCC and Astronomik CLS
200mm f5 Newtonian MPCC Guided
Canon EOS 350D modded, Astronomik CLS
5x30x, 5x60x, 10x180s, darks, flats, ISO 800
Captured in APT, Processed in Nebulosity and PS CS5

Latest image first light using new 200P
200mm f5 Newtonian, Canon EOS 350D
No DS filter, guided
25 subs 10s – 30s
Processed in Nebulosity and PS CS3



Reprocessed by stacking with frames taken from 20th January 2010 unfiltered. A total of 40 frames stacked. Far less noise and more detail. Had to crop much closer though because of rotation stacking issues.

An experiment to see how this would come out taken with an f/15 Mak-Cass. Certainly not what you’re meant to use for this type of object. It means you can still actually see the trapezium.


7″ f/15 Mak-Cass, Canon EOS 350D 6m19s of subs 5s – 30s unguided.
Stacked in Deep Sky Stacker, Processed in PhotoShop CS3