Decent seeing for here and quite a lot of detail. Still need better collimation.

Not as sharp as many others produce but still a lot of detail visible. A few dark spots/barges to the north, white ovals beneath the GRS and some nice cloud features. More detail in the NEB than I normally see and interesting to see how thin the SEB is at the moment as it starts to wrap around the GRS. Never captured the North Temperate Belt before (the thin one above the NEB).

Object IDJupiter
Details2022-08-31 23:39:06 UT
Telescope250mm f4.8 Newtonian @2700mm fl
ES 2x 2″ Barlow
CameraZWO ASI290MC
Exposure(s)90s 90 fps .ser
ProcessingAS3!, Registax, Photoshop