The fit seems to match the predicted parameters in this case. Terrible seeing made guiding very poor (1.2″ usually get 0.5″) and strong moonlight made it messy data but the software was still able to pull a good fit out of the data. This graph is the reprocessed version by the ExoClock team, but very similar to the original.

Object IDHAT-P-3b
DetailsExoplanet, Ursa Major
2020-04-02 21:28:42 – 01:19:16
mag: 11.025
depth: 15.84 mmag (0.01584)
duration: 2.22 h
Telescope250mm f4.8 OO Newtonian
CameraATIK 460EX @-15C
Baader TR filter
Exposure(s)269x50s 1×1 exposures
darks, flats, bias
ProcessingHOPS 6.0