There are many catalogues offering lists of the best objects to observe outside of Messier’s list. They each have their own strengths and weaknesses and so I have decided to choose from several of them, and split them into seasonal objects.

Choose from Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer.

The catalogues are:

Caldwell (from Patrick Caldwell-Moore)

RASC Finest NGC Objects (Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Alan Dyer)

SAA 100 (sci.astro.amateur)

SAC 110 (Saguaro Astronomy Club)

The seasonal split is by constellation, as follows:


And, Aqr, Ari, Cam, Cas, Cet, Eri, Peg, Per, Scl


Aur, Cam, CMa, Gem, Mon, Ori, Pup, Tau


Boo, Com, CVn, CRV, Dra, Hya, Leo, LMi, Lyn, Sex, UMa, Vir


Aql, Cep, Cyg, Her, Oph, SCT, SCR, Vul