Saturn 1 day after opposition – infrared

2018-06-29T09:28:37+00:0029 June 2018|News, Saturn|

Very low and in the trees but just managed to image it – just…

Object IDSaturn
Details2018-06-28 23:31 UT and 23:45 UT
Seeing III / V but very low altitude
Telescope200mm Newtonian @f5 and @f10
CameraZWO ASI290MC Infrared pass filter
Exposure(s)60s 30fps AVI and 90s 30fps AVI
ProcessingAutoStakkert3 (beta), Registax 6, Photoshop

Saturn 2008-04-10

2017-01-31T10:52:50+00:0030 August 2009|Saturn|

2008-04-10-1-thumb10-04-2008 21:40 UT
180mm f15 Mak-Cass, x2 Barlow
Philips SPC900NC
60s avi 5fps, 445 image stack
Processed in Registax
Seeing 6/10, Transparency 5/10

First real attempt at Saturn. Still a long way to go..
Barlow is rubbish – an old B&L.