Rupes Recta and Catena Davy craterlet trail

2023-04-24T10:00:27+00:002 April 2023|Moon, News|

An interesting craterlet trail:

“This linear string of 23 tiny craters runs from the midpoint of Davy Y towards the walled basin Ptolemaeus, following a slightly curving course to the east-northeast. It is located at selenographic coordinates 11.0° S, 7.0° W, and has a length of 50 km.

This formation is not believed to be due to secondary cratering because it is not radial to a suitable source crater. The most likely cause is believed to be a single body that broke apart prior to impact due to tidal effects. High resolution images have demonstrated that the craters formed at about the same time since the ejecta from each crater does not overlay neighboring craters. However, there are still some scientists who believe that this chain of craters may be volcanic in origin.” Wikipedia

Object IDRupes Recta, Catena Davy et al
Details2023-03-30 17:45 UT
Telescope250mm f4.8 Newtonian
CameraZWO ASI290MC
Exposure(s)90s 90fps .ser
ProcessingAS3!, Registax, Photoshop

Mare Crisium, Nectaris and Janssen

2023-03-27T21:25:00+00:0027 March 2023|Moon, News|

Just some random areas but decent seeing for here. Main banner image Mare Crisium.

Object IDMoon
Details2023-03-27 18:35 – 19:54 UT
Telescope250mm f4.8 Newtonian
CameraZWO ASI290MC
Exposure(s)90s .ser 30 – 50% frames
ProcessingASI3!, Registax, Photoshop
Mare Nectaris and craters Theophillus, Cyrillus and Catharina

Crater Janssen with fault on floor and other craters invading its space

More lunar features for the ASE Lunar-100

2021-06-01T20:02:53+00:001 June 2021|Moon, News|

Added to the ASE Lunar 100 Project

Object IDAristarchus, Schroter’s Valley, Babbage, J. Herschel,
Gassendi, Mare Humorum, Schickard, Sinus Iridum, Grimaldi (2021-04-25)
Telescope250mm f4.8 Newtonian
CameraZWO ASI290MC
Exposure(s)60s .ser videos
ProcessingAutostakkert 3, Registax, Photoshop

Moon features 2021-01-22

2021-01-23T15:39:33+00:0023 January 2021|Moon, News|

Several areas taken during daytime.

Object IDMoon
Clavius sunrise
Ptolemaeus, Alphonsus, Arzachel, Albategnius
Copernicus, Eratosthenes
Plato, Alpine Valley
Details2020-01-22 14:00+UT
65.9% illuminated, 9.38 days
Telescope250mm f4.8 Newtonian
CameraZWO ASI290MC
Exposure(s)120fps 90s .ser videos
ProcessingAutoStakkert 3, Registax, Photoshop