Another bright Perseid Fireball 2022-08-09

2022-08-09T17:31:09+00:009 August 2022|Meteorcam, Meteors, News|

Almost as bright as the previous one with an absolute mag. of -6.0, but further away so only an apparent mag of -3.6.

Summary for Event
Updated: 2022-08-09 08:00:15
shower ID 7 PER (Perseids)
Lg 60.16° Bg 38.63° Vg 59.61km/s
mass 1.34424g, abs. mag -6.0
best visual mag -3.6
Path Details
start -1.77° 55.29° 122.53km
end   -2.15° 55.16° 78.24km
Orbit Details
Semimajor axis -148.00A.U., 
eccentricity 1.01, inclination 113.04°,
Period nanY, LA Sun 136.19°,
© UK Meteor Observation Network

2022-08-02 Perseid Fireball

2022-08-03T15:51:18+00:003 August 2022|Meteorcam, Meteors, News|

This is an impressive one that leaves a vapour trail lasting several seconds, mag -6.9. Didn’t register on RMS detections as it was so close and saturated the sensor.

Updated manually by Mark McIntyre to include UK006E data.

Summary for Event
Updated: 2022-08-03 14:28:43
shower ID 7 PER (Perseids)
Lg 55.19° Bg 38.86° Vg 57.23km/s
mass 2.29762g, abs. mag -6.9
best visual mag -6.8
Path Details
start -1.81° 56.14° 150.44km
end   -2.74° 55.64° 80.08km
Orbit Details
Semimajor axis 6.09A.U., eccentricity 0.85, 
inclination 110.92°, Period 15.05Y, 
LA Sun 130.34°, last Perihelion 2022-07-08

Bright Perseid 2022-07-31 23:05 UT

2022-08-03T16:59:44+00:001 August 2022|Meteorcam, Meteors, News|

Saw it outside and then found it on the meteor camera. Data from UKMON:

shower ID 7 PER (Perseids)
Lg 50.74° Bg 38.96° Vg 58.81km/s
mass 0.54304g, abs. mag -4.4
best visual mag -2.0
Path Details
start -1.44° 55.83° 123.61km
end   -1.97° 55.55° 85.49km
Orbit Details
Semimajor axis 16.25A.U., eccentricity 0.94, 
inclination 112.52°, Period 65.48Y, 
LA Sun 128.41°, last Perihelion 2022-07-12
© UK Meteor Observation Network

First Perseid of 2022 detected

2022-07-25T18:23:39+00:0025 July 2022|Meteorcam, Meteors, News|

Pat Devine’s camera UK0074 and mine UK006E detected a very ordinary one, showed by the UKMON data.

Summary for Event
Updated: 2022-07-25 06:08:22
shower ID 7 PER (Perseids)
Lg 46.41° Bg 40.26° Vg 55.17km/s
mass 0.01683g, abs. mag 0.4
best visual mag 0.8
Path Details
start -2.70° 55.59° 111.93km
end   -2.87° 55.51° 98.88km
Orbit Details
Semimajor axis 3.78A.U., eccentricity 0.75, 
inclination 107.74°, Period 7.33Y, 
LA Sun 121.75°, last Perihelion 2022-06-28
© UK Meteor Observation Network

2022 Edinburgh W monthly reports

2022-09-23T14:07:19+00:002 June 2022|Meteorcam, Meteors, News|

Reports generated by UKMON for UK006E (facing SE) and UK007J (facing N)

Station report for EdinburghW for 2022

Last updated: 2022-09-22 14:04:09
During this period, 4616 single station detections were collected by cameras in EdinburghW. including 3956 sporadics. 654 of the detections matched with other stations. Orbit and trajectory solutions were calculated for these matches. The brighest up to ten confirmed matches are shown below.

New meteor camera first detections

2022-03-16T16:16:53+00:0014 March 2022|Meteorcam, Meteors, News|

As part of the Global Meteor Network I have added a new camera on the edge of Edinburgh, built following the GMN wiki instructions. Scotland doesn’t seem to have many and definitely needs more.

Still in the early config stages but this is the first detection saved as an animated GIF. I don’t plan on posting these here all the time but these are the first!

My azimuth seems to be about 120° which is what I was aiming for.

2022-03-13 02:22:58 UT
2022-03-15 02:06:15 UT

My IstraStream is here.

And from the second night, much better:

Detected meteors 2022-03-15 UK006E

This is my detection coverage.
Calibrated azimuth: 120.5°, altitude 49.5°