M1 Crab Nebula HOO

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First time for this one in narrowband, just Ha and OIII

Object ID M1 Crab Nebula, supernova remnant
Details Size 420″ x 290″, Mag. 8.4
Telescope 250mm f4.8 Newtonian
Camera Atik 460EX -15C
Exposure(s) 10x300s Ha and OII 2×2
darks, flats, bias
mapped HOO
Capture APT
Processing APP, Photoshop
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M27 (NGC 6853) Dumbbell Nebula

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Done this one quite few times now but this is the first time processing with Astro Pixel Processor. Good for gradients and light pollution but a little slow.

Object ID M27 (NGC 6853)
Dumbell Nebula
Details Mag. 7.5
Size 8′ x 5.6′
Telescope 250mm f4.8 Newtonian
EQ6-R autoguided to 0.5″
Camera Atik 460EX at -15C
Baader RGB filters
Exposure(s) 10 x 120s each in RGB
Flats, darks and bias
Capture APT
Processing Astro Pixel Processor (APP)
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M3 (NGC 5272) RGB just a few exposures

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Just a few exposures between gaps in the clouds. L not used because of dust on the filter.

Object ID M3 (NGC 5272)
Details Canes Venatici
Mag. 6.2, Size 18′
Telescope 203mm RC8 at f8
Camera Atik 460Ex @-20C
Badder RGB filters
IDAS P2 LP filter
Exposure(s) R,G 2x120s, B1x120s, 2×2
Capture APT, PHD2
Processing Nebulosity 4, Photoshop
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M1 Crab Nebula Ha-RGB

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First time adding in Ha to RGB

Object ID M1 Crab Nebula
Details RGB: 2018-12-03
Ha: 2018-11-01
Telescope 250mm f4.8 Newtonian
Camera Atik 460EX @-20C
Baader 7nm Ha and RGB filters
Exposure(s) Ha 6x300s 1×1
RGB 10x60s each 2×2
Darks / BPM
Capture APT
Processing Nebulosity, Photoshop
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First proper imaging session of the season. New mount (EQ6-R) is guiding well with an RMS error of about 0.6″, Coma corrector is working well too. Stars are sharp right to the edges.

Object ID M15 (NGC 7078)
Details 2018-09-08
Not very transparent and the remnants of twilight too.
Telescope 200mm f5 Newtonian, MPCC
IDAS P2 LPR filter
Guiding c80ED, ASI 290MC
Camera Canon 600D
Exposure(s) 10x60s, darks and flats
Capture APT, PHD
Processing Nebulosity, Photoshop
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