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Double Cluster in Perseus NGC 869 and 884

2018-09-09T20:14:14+00:0010 December 2017|Caldwell, Deep Sky, News, NGC Winter, Open Cluster|

First image using the C80ED for a long time.

Object IDCaldwell 14, NGC 869 and 884
DetailsOpen Clusters, Perseus
Date/Time2017-12-10 19:41 – 20:01 UT
TelescopeC80ED @ f7.5
IDAS P2 LPR filter
CameraCanon 600D
Exposure(s)30x30s lights, 10x30s darks
ISO 1600
CaptureAPT, unguided
ProcessingStacked in Nebulosity, processed in Photoshop and Lightroom


NGC 7243 (C16)

2017-01-31T10:52:43+00:0010 October 2013|Caldwell, Deep Sky, News, NGC Autumn, Open Cluster|

Open Cluster, Lacerta
Mag 6.4 Size 21′
200mm f5 Newtonian MPCC, piggyback guiding C80ED
15×60 10×180 10×90 ISO 1600, darks
Canon EOS 350D modded, Astronomik CLS
Captured in APT, Processed in Nebulosity, PS CS5

Not transparent enough tonight to image any galaxies (tried M33 but the image fogged after 2 minutes) or nebulae so a new open cluster for me.

Deep Sky

2010-10-12T22:07:52+00:0012 October 2010|Deep Sky|

There are many catalogues offering lists of the best objects to observe outside of Messier’s list. They each have their own strengths and weaknesses and so I have decided to choose from several of them, and split them into seasonal objects.

Choose from Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer.

The catalogues are:

Caldwell (from Patrick Caldwell-Moore)

RASC Finest NGC Objects (Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Alan Dyer)

SAA 100 (sci.astro.amateur)

SAC 110 (Saguaro Astronomy Club)

The seasonal split is by constellation, as follows:


And, Aqr, Ari, Cam, Cas, Cet, Eri, Peg, Per, Scl


Aur, Cam, CMa, Gem, Mon, Ori, Pup, Tau


Boo, Com, CVn, CRV, Dra, Hya, Leo, LMi, Lyn, Sex, UMa, Vir


Aql, Cep, Cyg, Her, Oph, SCT, SCR, Vul