Emission nebula, Cassiopeia
Mag. 10 Size 15’x8′
200mm f8 RC
10x180s, 7x240s ISO 800, darks, flats
Canon EOS 350D modded, Astronomik CLS
Captured in APT, Processed in Nebulosity, PS CS5
Second light with RC8. Some camera misalignment so star trailing on the RHS.

NGC 7635 Closeup
NGC 7635

200mm f5 Newtonian MPCC Guided
Canon EOS 350D modded, Astronomik CLS
10x240s 19x180s, darks, flats,  ISO 800
Captured in APT
Processed in Nebulosity and PS CS5

“NGC 7635, also called the Bubble Nebula, Sharpless 162, or Caldwell 11, is a H II region emission nebula in the constellation Cassiopeia. It lies close to the direction of the open cluster Messier 52. The “bubble” is created by the stellar wind from a massive hot, 8.7 magnitude young central star, the 15 ± 5 M? SAO 20575 (BD+60 2522). The nebula is near a giant molecular cloud which contains the expansion of the bubble nebula while itself being excited by the hot central star, causing it to glow. It was discovered in 1787 by Friedrich Wilhelm Herschel. The star SAO 20575 or BD+602522 is thought to have a mass of 10-40 Solar masses.”